4: How Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW), Jonathan Baiden honed in on his entrepreneurial skills and mindset to start a Social Service Agency.

In this 4th Episode of BAM podcast, the guest featured is Jonathan Kwaku Baiden, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Founder of Baiden & Associates, a social service agency that specializes in supervised visitation to ensure the safety of children. 

Johnathan discusses the following points in this episode, 

–          How his family values motivated him to venture into the social work career

–          How he started Baiden and Associates and how he branded his services.  

–          How he was able to negotiate his value and build his brand presence in a liquid market in the DMV area
–          How he used his marketing team to build partnerships and grow his business

–          The myths, misconceptions, and reality of Social Work

–          The Opportunities that exist in the social work field 

–          Recommendations and tips for anyone who is interested in the Social Work career.

Visit https://baiden.org/for more information about Baiden and Associates 

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