7. Meet Dr. Tola T’Sarumi, a Psychiatrist and Fellow at Harvard, whose life experiences propelled to become a Doctor.

In this Episode, Dr. Tola discusses the following;

–        How and when she knew she wanted to become a doctor

–        How her personal experiences and challenges contributed to her decision to choose psychiatry 

–        How the stigma associated with mental health is a barrier to seeking and receiving adequate treatment.

–        How the African community try to address mental health issues with spirituality instead of seeking professional help

–        How the collaboration of religious leaders and mental health professionals can lead to increased knowledge about mental health for people to be able to get the treatment they need. 

–        How to take care of yourself and your mental health in the midst of COVID-19 crisis

–        How to know when you’re misusing alcohol and having substance abuse issues

–        The importance of seeking help such as therapy or counseling, seeing a psychiatrist.

–        Trends of mental health issues noticed as we deal with COVID-19 

–        Advice for an aspiring future doctor on what to do 

o   Get a mentor

o   Workhard

o   Don’t give up easily

o   Take your MCAT

–        Advice for current medical school student who is considering psychiatry

o   Know who you are (Handson or loves to communicate well and are you patient enough to work with people with mental health problems?)

o   Rotations will help you figure out what you love

o    a mentor while doing your rotations

o   Doing your internships/Externships.

o   Don’t give up!!

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