Mission Statement

Beyond Africa Magazine (BAM) is an inspirational network that features stories of successful Africans in the diaspora, promotes businesses, and identifies opportunities for self-development, entrepreneurship, and success attainment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Our primary goal is to interview individuals and organizations about their experiences and journey to success.
  • To provide inspiration for success attainment
  • To serve as a resource guide and provide information regarding businesses, professionals,
  • organizations, cultures and opportunities for self-development.
  • To advertise and promote businesses
  • To create awareness about success barriers to overcome
  • To advertise and promote businesses
  • To celebrate achievements and feature events

Our Vision

To be the #1 source of success inspiration.


Funke Oladele is a Nigerian American, entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, motivational speaker, and a health management professional. Funke is the Founder of Beyond Africa Magazine (BAM) and the host of BAM podcast, a platform that features success stories of African in Diaspora to inspire its audience to be the best version of themselves and achieve their dreams.

Funke Oladele launched Beyond Africa Magazine in 2015 and has interviewed several entrepreneurs and professionals on the online platform. In 2020 BAM Podcast with Funke Oladele was launched to bring these stories and inspirational content to life through this audio platform.

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