Healthrepreneur Series Part 2: How Dr. Solawon’s Determination to Excel in the Nursing Field Propelled her to Open her Private Practice

This is the Part 2 of the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM Podcast, which features Dr. Dami Solawon, a Doctor of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, the CEO of Caring Hearts Medical Services in Houston Texas. 

In this Episode, Dr. Solawon shares the following;

1.)    How her family background served as the foundation for being success-driven

2.)    How she struggled with science classes earlier in life

3.)    How  she had always wanted to be an Accountant

4.)    How she moved to the United States and eventually got into the nursing field.

5.)    How determination propelled her to get her Doctorate degree and eventually open her private practice

6.)    Advise for anyone considering nursing or already in the nursing field

Contact Dr. Solawon

Instagram: @Dee_Solawon
Clinic: Caring Hearts Medical Clinic.

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