Healthrepreneur Series Part 1: How Dr. Eji Shobowale Decided to Open Her Private Practice Shortly After Residency.

This the 1st Episode in the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM podcast, which features Dr. Eji Shobowale, a Podiatrist who shares her story through undergrad, medical school, residency, and the events leading up to starting her own practice. 

The details of the interview session are highlighted below;

–        How she started out college as an international student

–        The hurdles she crossed to get into medical school

–        What she did to prep for medical school

–        What led to starting her own practice

–        What she had to do to learn how to start a private practice

–        The steps taken to start a practice such as, choosing a name for the practice, looking for a space, seeking funding.

–        How she has been able to sustain her practice till now 

–        Advice to her younger self and anyone aspiring to become a doctor.

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Youtube Channel: The Fly Foot Doctor


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  • Dr. Tolu Ajayi Reply

    Excellent interview by Funke and great wealth of knowledge and experience by Dr. Sho

    • BAM Reply

      Thanks or listening to this session Sis and for the connection too. You rock!!

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