BAM Podcast’s 3-Month Recap: How I started Podcasting and an Intro to “Healthrepreneur Series”

This 11th Episode is a solo Episode where I, your host, Funke Oladele celebrate 3months since launching BAM Podcast and introduce the Upcoming “Healthrepreneur” Series.

These are the highlights discussed in this Episode;

  1. The process leading up to launching BAM Podcast
  2. How I launched BAM Podcast in the heat of COVID-19 and lockdown
  3. The tools I use for podcasting
  4. Lessons learned in this first 3months
  5. A recap of the guests featured and common lessons from their stories
  6. Introduction of the upcoming  Healthrepreneur series on BAM Podcast which will feature health professionals who own their own practices.

Tools mentioned in the session

First Mic purchased from Amazon: ATR2100 with pop filter, armstand, shock mount, and mic stand

Podcast Host: Buzzsprout,

Scheduling Tool: Calendly,

Connect with BAM Podcast

Facebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazine

Twitter: @beyondafricamag

Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazine


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