8. How Osayi Lasisi, an Attorney and Author Found Passion in Helping Businesses Grow and Pivot through Digital Marketing.

This is Episode 8 of the BAM Podcast which features guest, Osayi Lasisi, an Attorney, a Digital Marketer, and a Podcaster (Co-host on Another Perspective Podcast).

Osayi discusses the following in this Episode,

Her journey starting from childhood to becoming a Lawyer

How writing her first book, “Impossible is Stupid” opened her eyes to the world of marketing

How she found her passion in digital marketing which is now her full business. 

How she has helped businesses develop growth strategies through affiliate marketing and other marketing programs.

How her Faith has guided her life and decision making. 

 Connect with Osayi Lasisi

@Osayilasisi on Instagram and Twitter    

Website: https://www.osayilasisi.com/

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