How Sandra Kemayou Built a Profitable Six-Figure Coaching Brand

How Sandra Kemayou Built a Profitable Six-Figure Coaching Brand

This Episode on BAM Podcast is about Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist, Sandra Kemayou. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and worked a few years in the mental health field before transitioning to become a Business Analyst. With an entrepreneurial mindset right from childhood, Sandra has ventured into several businesses over the years and honed in on her skills by starting a Coaching business to empower women to build profitable coaching businesses.

Sandra shares the following details in this Episode,

  • Her early life, education and career
  • How her family background fostered her entrepreneurial mindset
  • How she changed her career path
  • How she honed in on her coaching skills and started her coaching business
  • What it took to build her brand and how she scaled
  • What her coaching brand is about and strategies adopted to help clients become successful
  • How she went from losing money earlier in business to making Six figures, monthly
  • How people can connect with her coaching business and services.

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Funke Oladele is the founder of Beyond Africa Magazine. An Entrepreneur, Writer, Coach, and Mentor focused on promoting self-development for success attainment.

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