Starting a Profitable Organic Skin and Hair Care Business during COVID-19 Pandemic with Ope Ojo.

Episode 29: Opeyemi Ojo is the CEO of Orire Organics, a skin and hair care business focused on providing healthy, and organic products. She is currently an Epidemiology&Population Health Informatics Ph.D. Candidate. Ope Ojo, in this episode, shares the following,1. Her humble beginning including educational background2. How her healthy lifestyle choices led to a business…

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How Sandra Kemayou Built a Profitable Six-Figure Coaching Brand

This Episode on BAM Podcast is about Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist, Sandra Kemayou. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and worked a few years in the mental health field before transitioning to become a Business Analyst. With an entrepreneurial mindset right from childhood, Sandra has ventured into several businesses over the years…

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5: How Jummy Ogunyemi, the Founder of Glammed Naturally Oil Started Mixing Organic Oils and Hair Products that has Helped Thousands of Women Across the Globe.

The guest featured in this 5th Episode of BAM podcast is Jummy Ogunyemi, the founder of Glammednaturallyoil, a company that produces organic hair products to improve hair and has proven to help thousands of woman around the world. Jummy has a Masters degree in Law but has channeled her passion into entrepreneurship as she found…

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Classa Boutique- founded for a cause.

“What keeps me going is the love for what I’m doing and why I started in the first place”……Johnetta  Kerkula. Please provide some background information about yourself. My name is Johnetta Kerkula,  Founder of Classa Boutique. I am from Liberia in West Africa and I have been in the United States since 2002. I graduated…

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Alexis Oladipo transformed from a cleaner to the founder of a healthy food brand.

29-yr-old Alexis Oladipo  from Hackney, East London graduated with a degree in Media and Culture from Roehampton University but found it difficult to get the right job opportunity. She then accepted a job as an office cleaner to make ends meet. “But I couldn’t get a job, not a decent one anyway, so I decided…

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Start Small to Achieve Greatness.

 Dreams and aspirations about being successful can be exciting and at the same time overwhelming. Success does not happen overnight and this can be proven through the comprehensive study of successful people’s lives. For example, Abraham Lincoln had a humble beginning and yet, was able to rise to the highest position in the United States….

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