Perfection is not a Requirement for Success.

Episode 30: This episode focuses on how the thought of perfection is a limiting factor in working toward achieving success.Funke encourages BAM’s listeners to avoid being limited by the idea of perfection and be more focused on the reality of achieving their goals and aspirations.Be informed that perfection does not exist! Listen to full episode…

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25 Lessons Learned from Paddy Adenuga’s Battle to Acquire Chevron Netherlands.

In recent times, Paddy Adenuga, son of Nigerian Business Magnate, Mike Adenuga shared his experience attempting to acquire the Chevron of Netherlands at age 29. This was an exceptionally inspiring and well written story with many lessons to learn. This article highlights 25 major lessons learned from Paddy’s story as listed below; Don’t be comfortable…

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5 Factors that Contribute to Lack of Productivity

Productivity is an integral measure of performance widely used at individual, organizational, and product line level. It can be defined as the state of being able to produce something. It requires work to be done in order to get output, however, several factors affect the ability to produce efficiently. This article highlights five major factors that lead…

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The Goal-Setting Process.

Goal setting is the act or process of creating an action plan on how to achieve a desired outcome.  It is referred to as a process because there are several steps to goal attainment.  Goal setting enables you to affirm determination to do or achieve something. The first step in this process is to identify…

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As the clock ticks

As the clock Ticks, your life is counting down. What have you done with yourself lately? Have you set goals you want to accomplish? Are you contemplating on making a major life decision? Are you afraid of believing in yourself and lack trust in your potentials? As the clock ticks, you are wasting, time, energy, …

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