25 Lessons Learned from Paddy Adenuga’s Battle to Acquire Chevron Netherlands.

25 Lessons Learned from Paddy Adenuga’s Battle to Acquire Chevron Netherlands.

In recent times, Paddy Adenuga, son of Nigerian Business Magnate, Mike Adenuga shared his experience attempting to acquire the Chevron of Netherlands at age 29. This was an exceptionally inspiring and well written story with many lessons to learn. This article highlights 25 major lessons learned from Paddy’s story as listed below;

  1. Don’t be comfortable with the status Quo
  2. Challenge yourself
  3. Have a Vision
  4. Be Passionate about your vision
  5. Invest in your vision
  6. Carefully setup a team that believes in you and your vision
  7. Trust your guts
  8. Take risks
  9. Don’t limit yourself
  10. Be Confident
  11. Have a Mentor
  12. Grow your network
  13. Associate with credible people
  14. Always dress the part
  15. Know what you want
  16. Do due diligence
  17. Prayer is Key
  18. Be relentless
  19. Go big or go home
  20. Live and have fun while striving for success
  21. Be strategic
  22. Don’t let your pride get in the way of success
  23. Be open-minded
  24. Don’t under-estimate anyone
  25. Let your mistakes empower you

To read Paddy’s Adenuga’s original story, click this Link and carefully take note of other lessons not included in this article; this is a must-read for everyone.


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