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Welcome to BAM Podcast

BAM Podcast brings inspiration to its audience by sharing stories of successful Africans in diaspora, their challenges and strategies to overcoming barriers and eventually achieving success. This podcast will cover tips and tricks, and topics relevant to achieving success with the aim of motivating BAM podcast’s listeners to venture out and achieve their dreams.

How Self-Taught Software Engineer Started a Coding and Career Prep Company.

January 27, 2021 BAM 00:50:25 0 Comments Episode 22: Interview with the founder of ROOTs Technology, Tolu Oyeniyi (TJ).  He is a self-taught software engineer, investor, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He founded ROOTs Technology as coding and… Read More

Achieve your Dreams in 2021

January 13, 2021 BAM 00:12:48 0 Comments Episode 21:  This solo episode is a wakeup call for you to bring your dreams to life and also provides information on what to expect from BAM Podcast in… Read More

How Viola Llewellyn Co-founded an Award-Winning Fintech Company Focused on Financial Inclusion and Growth in Africa and Beyond

December 16, 2020 BAM 01:02:37 0 Comments In this 20th Episode of BAM Podcast,  the guest interviewed is Viola Llewellyn,  the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc.  Ovamba Solutions Inc. is  an award winning African… Read More

How Bunmi Akintomide Uses Technology to Connect People and Support Black Owned Businesses.

October 27, 2020 BAM 00:39:48 0 Comments BAM Podcast features Bunmi Akintomide, a Systems Specialist Manager at Salesforce and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Indy Black Millenials, Shop black Indy, and Afroyounited Podcast. He is… Read More

Aisha Addo, One of the Top 100 Women to Watch in Canada Tells All About Her Entrepreneurial Journey

October 14, 2020 BAM 00:44:52 0 Comments This 18th Episode of BAM Podcast is about Social Entrepreneur, Aisha Addo. She is the founder of Power to Girls, a Non-profit organization that focuses on empowering girls with… Read More

How Sandra Kemayou Built a Profitable Six-Figure Coaching Brand.

September 30, 2020 BAM 01:03:42 0 Comments This Episode on BAM Podcast is about Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist, Sandra Kemayou. She has a master’s degree in psychology and worked a few years in that… Read More

How Multi-Media Journalist, Fatima Sesay Built her Brand, Inside the Diaspora.

September 2, 2020 BAM 00:50:09 0 Comments The guest featured in this 16th Episode of BAM Podcast, is Fatima Sesay, Journalist and PR Strategist. She is the Founder of Inside the Diaspora and a Journalist at… Read More

How Dr. Prince Ellis’ Community Involvement led to his appointment as a Commissioner to the Ohio New African Immigrants Commission.

August 19, 2020 BAM 00:57:49 0 Comments This is Episode 15 of the BAM Podcast, featuring Dr. Prince Ellis, a Ghanaian-American Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati Ohio, founder of PERN Consulting, Co-founder of the… Read More

Healthrepreneur Series Finale: How Dr. Una, CEO of Award Winning Pediatric Practice Helps Physicians Build and Sustain Profitable Businesses.

August 5, 2020 BAM 00:53:33 0 Comments In this Final Episode of the Healthrepreneur Series, Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, Pediatrician and CEO of award winning practice, Ivy Leaque Pediatrics in Lawrenceville, Georgia shares her entrepreneurial journey. Dr…. Read More

Healthrepreneur Series Part 2: How Dr. Solawon’s Determination to Excel in the Nursing Field Propelled her to Open her Private Practice

July 22, 2020 BAM 01:00:44 0 Comments This is the 2nd Episode in the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM Podcast, which features Dr. Dami Solawon, a Doctor of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, the CEO of Caring Hearts… Read More

Healthrepreneur Series part 1: How Dr. Eji Shobowale decided to Open her Private Practice Shortly After Residency

July 8, 2020 BAM 00:54:22 0 Comments This the 1st Episode in the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM podcast, which features Dr. Eji Shobowale, a Podiatrist who shares her story through undergrad, medical school, residency, and the… Read More

BAM Podcast’s 3-Month Recap: How I started Podcasting and an Intro to the “Healthrepreneur Series”

June 24, 2020 BAM 00:28:51 0 Comments This 11th Episode is a solo Episode where I, your host, Funke Oladele celebrate 3months since launching BAM Podcast and introduce the Upcoming “Healthrepreneur” Series. These are the highlights… Read More

How Momo Dione’s Passion for Acting Propelled him to Launch into Hollywood.

June 10, 2020 BAM 00:53:38 0 Comments This is Episode 10 of the BAM Podcast and the guest interviewed is Mohamed (Momo) Dione, an Actor.Momo shares details about his journey to becoming an Actor as highlighted… Read More

How the Founder of Omolewa Cosmetics and Fruit Art USA, Irene Dele-Adejumo Started her Make Up Brand with $2500 and how investing in herself as a Chef has led to being featured on National Television.

May 27, 2020 BAM 00:54:05 0 Comments This is Episode 9 of the BAM Podcast, the guest featured is Irene Dele-Adejumo, Founder of Omolewa Cosmetics and Chef/founder of Fruit Art USA. Irene discusses; How her love… Read More

How Osayi Lasisi, an Attorney and Author Found Passion in Helping Businesses Grow and Pivot through Digital Marketing.

May 13, 2020 BAM 01:07:41 0 Comments This is Episode 8 of the BAM Podcast which features guest, Osayi Lasisi, an attorney, a digital marketer, and a Podcaster (Co-host on Another Perspective Podcast). Osayi discusses the… Read More

Meet Dr. Tola T’Sarumi, a Psychiatrist and Fellow of at Harvard, Whose Life Experiences Propelled to become a Doctor.

April 29, 2020 BAM 01:03:51 0 Comments In this Episode, Dr. Tola discusses the following; –        How and when she knew she wanted to become a doctor –        How her… Read More

Finding Opportunities and Hope amidst COVID-19 Crisis and How BAM Podcast Launched during the Lockdown

April 29, 2020 BAM 00:16:18 0 Comments This is BAM Podcast’s first Solo Episode and sixth episode, where I, your host, Funke Oladele bring a message of hope and encouragement to my listeners audience amidst the… Read More

How Jummy Ogunyemi, the Founder of Glammed Naturally Oil Started Mixing Organic Oils and Hair Products that has Helped Thousands of Women Across the Globe.

April 14, 2020 BAM 00:58:37 0 Comments The guest featured in this 5th Episode of BAM podcast is Jummy Ogunyemi, the founder of Glammednaturallyoil, a company that produces organic hair products to improve hair and has… Read More

How Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW), Jonathan Baiden honed in on his entrepreneurial skills and mindset to start a Social Service Agency.

April 1, 2020 BAM 00:48:08 0 Comments In this 4th Episode of BAM podcast, the guest featured is Jonathan Kwaku Baiden, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Founder of Baiden & Associates, a social service… Read More

How Henry Keculah went from being a Teacher to Starting an Education Consulting Company with $500 and by Winning Pitch Competitions ranging from $1K- $30K.

March 18, 2020 BAM 00:24:44 0 Comments This is the 2nd Episode and first interview on The BAM podcast and the guest featured is Henry Keculah, Founder and CEO of 4.0.GPA, an Education Consulting Company  Henry… Read More

How Sonnie Njau, Founder of Men Impact Change Honors Minority Men of Excellence through her Non-Profit Organization.

March 18, 2020 BAM 00:48:50 0 Comments The guest featured in this 3rd episode of the BAM podcast is Sonnie Njau, the Founder of Men Impact Change (MIC), a 501c Organization that honors minority men who… Read More

About BAM Podcast.

March 1, 2020 BAM 00:03:05 0 Comments Welcome to the first episode of the Beyond Africa Magazine Podcast. In this episode, you will learn; – What BAM podcast is all about– Who your host is– Who this… Read More