Mastering Short-Term Rentals Business and Teaching Others How to Get Started- Nana Alice Nyarko

Mastering Short-Term Rentals Business and Teaching Others How to Get Started- Nana Alice Nyarko

Episode 26: BAM interviews Entrepreneur, Attorney, Founder of Bed & Roses Housing Management and BNB from Scratch course. Her company has hosted and managed over 20 short-term rentals on Airbnb since 2014.

In this Episode, Nana shares her story on how she started out as a lawyer with a marketing background. She has always had an entrepreneurial mindset right from when she was younger, and growing up, Nana became a Real estate agent part-time while in college, buying and selling houses in the DC metropolitan area. 

In 2014, after getting laid off from her job, Nana started doing short-term rentals with her apartment and later found other opportunities to co-host and manage other people‚Äôs properties. As she mastered the business more, she focused on building her clientele and has been able to build a profitable housing management business. Nana now teaches others how to get started with short-term rentals with her BNB from the scratch course. 

Nana’s interview session with BAM is almost a mini crash course on short-term rentals as she breaks down the details on how to get started, what it takes, and her personal experience including financial returns. She shares the three options of short-term rentals, which are, renting out space in your house, Co-Hosting, and Master leasing (rent/sublet). 

Finally, Nana wraps up the session by sharing advice to anyone on how easy it can be to get started with short-term rentals and not letting their fears get in the way. 

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