Aisha Addo, One of the Top 100 Women to Watch in Canada Tells All About Her Entrepreneurial Journey

This 18th Episode of BAM Podcast is about Social Entrepreneur, Aisha Addo. She is the founder of Power to Girls, a Non-profit organization that focuses on empowering girls with focus on mentorship. Aisha has recently developed a ride sharing service, Drive Her app which is tailored to women to promote safety and empowerment.  Aisha is the recipient of the Young Black and Gifted Award for community Service and she was named a Black Diversity Group Role Model. She is also one of the100 Black Women to Watch in Canada and among the 150 Black Women making history in Toronto.

In this session, Aisha shares the following,

– Information about her family and educational background
– How she discovered she had a different passion from her chosen career
– How an experience led her into mentorship
– How she started her Non-profit organization, Power to Girls
– The challenges she encountered as an entrepreneur
– How long it took to get funding for her Non- profit business
– How she was able to scale and reach out to many more girls
– The fulfillment she finds in mentoring girls and empowering women
– How she developed Drive Her App
– Lessons learned and advise to aspiring entrepreneurs

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Instagram: @aishaaddo

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