How Jackline Waziri Uses her Gift of Poetry to Tell Tales About Africa.

In this episode 24 of the BAM Podcast, Jackline Waziri, Poet and Author of Mwana, was interviewed, sharing the story behind her becoming a Poet.
She shared the following details in this episode;

– How she moved to the UK from Tanzania at age 7
– How she discovered her passion for writing poetry as a teenager and family history with poetry
– Her educational background and how that has developed her writing skills more
– How she decided to write a book of poetry in 2020
– The process of self-publishing her book and how she has been marketing her book.
– How mentorship and networkingĀ  was instrumental in the publishing of her book
– The reality of how financially rewarding poetry is.
– The secrets to succeeding as a Poet.

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