How Momo Dione’s Passion for Acting Propelled him to Launch into Hollywood.

This is Episode 10 of the BAM Podcast and the guest interviewed is Mohamed (Momo) Dione, an Actor.
Momo shares details about his journey to becoming an Actor as highlighted below;
– How he discovered his passion for acting earlier on in life
– How he had to convince his parents of his desire to pursue acting as a career
– How he invested in himself to sharpen his acting skills by joining acting groups and finding opportunities to learn and build his career.
– How he was patient with process to start small by taking on small roles and learning the rudiments of acting
– How he eventually landed his first major role in Law and Order, Criminal Intent 2006 as the son of Whoopi Goldberg
– What motivated him to start his Youtube documentary, Momo Dione Going Home Series.
– The sucesses and recognitions achieved in his acting career.
– His advise for aspiring actors and anyone who has passion for something.

More about Momo Dione:
About Momo Dione
Momo Dione Going Home Series
Instagram: @Momodione

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