How Multi-Media Journalist, Fatima Sesay Built her Brand, Inside the Diaspora.

 The guest featured in this 16th Episode of BAM Podcast, is Fatima Sesay, Journalist and PR Strategist. She is the Founder of Inside the Diaspora and a Journalist at Sahara Reporters. 

She shares the following major points during her interview,

1.       How her early life started in Sierra Leone and how she witnessed a civil war

2.       How she eventually migrated to the United States

3.       How she discovered her passion for journalism and got started

4.       How her desire to work for a black owned organization led to getting a job at Sahara Reporters

5.       How she built her brand, Inside the Diaspora

6.       How she is currently using her platform to showcase and highlight issues pertaining to Africans in Diaspora

7.       How she focuses on impact and is determined to continue to grow her brand globally.

8.       How a person who is interested in journalism can get started.


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