How Sandra Kemayou Built a Profitable Six-Figure Coaching Brand.

This Episode on BAM Podcast is about Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist, Sandra Kemayou. She has a master’s degree in psychology and worked a few years in that field before transitioning to become a Business Analyst. With an entrepreneurial mindset right from childhood, Sandra has ventured into several businesses over the years and honed in on her skills by starting a Coaching business to empower women to build profitable coaching businesses. 

Sandra shares the following details in this Episode,

–        Her early life, education and career

–        How her family background fostered her entrepreneurial mindset

–        How she changed her career path

–        How she honed in on her coaching skills and started her coaching business

–        What it took to build her brand and how she scaled

–        What her coaching brand is about and strategies adopted to help clients become successful

–        How she went from losing money earlier in business to making six figures, monthly

–        How people can connect with her coaching business and services. 

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Funke Oladele is the founder of Beyond Africa Magazine. An Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, Health Professional, and Mentor who is passionate about success inspiration and helping people achieve the best version of themselves.

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