Reversing Cancer by taking a Holistic Approach and Becoming a Health Coach- Caroline Mbithi-Dey

Episode 36- This Episode features Caroline Mbithi, a nurse, author, and founder of Destined with Greatness.  She shares her journey to health and wellness and entrepreneurship.

She discussed,

Her early childhood, education, and migration from Kenya to the US.

How her experience in Nursing led to a wellness discovery

The health transformation she had through healthier lifestyle choices after being diagnosed with cancer

The opportunity to combine personal health experience with nursing expertise to become a Holistic Healthpreneur and Health coach.

Identifying an avenue to explore her passion for journalism through podcasting.

The process of becoming an author

How she started advocating against domestic violence following personal experience.

 Starting Destined with Greatness Podcast, “empowering women to rise up and step into their God-given greatness and purpose”

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Facebook & Instagram-@carolinembithidey

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Funke Oladele is the founder of Beyond Africa Magazine. An Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, Health Professional, and Mentor who is passionate about success inspiration and helping people achieve the best version of themselves.

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