Starting a Profitable Organic Skin and Hair Care Business during COVID-19 Pandemic with Ope Ojo.

Episode 29: Opeyemi Ojo is the CEO of Orire Organics, a skin and hair care business focused on providing healthy, and organic products. She is currently an Epidemiology&Population Health Informatics Ph.D. Candidate.

Ope Ojo, in this episode, shares the following,
1. Her humble beginning including educational background
2. How her healthy lifestyle choices led to a business launch
3. The marketing strategies she adopted to grow her business
 4. How prioritizing her customers’ health has led to the creation of new and improved products.
5. The struggles of being an entrepreneur with multiple responsibilities and how she is balancing time
6. The growth process of Orire Organics and how business is currently doing.
7.Entrepreneurial lessons learned.

Connect with Ope Ojo and get Orire Organics Products
FB & Instagram- @orireorganics
Products are available on Amazon, walmart, ebay, etsy. e.t.c

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About the Author
Funke Oladele is the founder of Beyond Africa Magazine. An Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, Health Professional, and Mentor who is passionate about success inspiration and helping people achieve the best version of themselves.

4 comments on “Starting a Profitable Organic Skin and Hair Care Business during COVID-19 Pandemic with Ope Ojo.

  1. Sharon John says:

    Proud to see a young black queen entrepreneur ❤️

    1. BAM says:

      Thank you for listening to this episode of BAM Podcast. We are dedicated to continue to bring inspiring stories to you.

  2. Sola says:

    Love feisty entrepreneurial spirit in your Ope. You definitely are purposeful in what you do. Well done on Orire. I love your products!
    Great job Funke on this interview!

    1. BAM says:

      Thank you very much for listening to this interview with Ope. It was indeed a great 1×1 session learning more about the origin of Orire organics. Thanks for your encouragement.

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