African Diaspora

How Multi-Media Journalist, Fatima Sesay Built her Brand, Inside the Diaspora.

The guest featured in this 16th Episode of BAM Podcast is Fatima Sesay, Journalist and PR Strategist. She is the Founder of Inside the Diaspora and a Journalist at Sahara Reporters. She shares the following major points during her interview, How her early life started in Sierra Leone and how she witnessed a civil war…

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Healthrepreneur Series Part 2: How Dr. Solawon’s Determination to Excel in the Nursing Field Propelled her to Open her Private Practice

This is the Part 2 of the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM Podcast, which features Dr. Dami Solawon, a Doctor of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, the CEO of Caring Hearts Medical Services in Houston Texas.  In this Episode, Dr. Solawon shares the following; 1.)    How her family background served as the foundation for being success-driven…

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BAM Podcast’s 3-Month Recap: How I started Podcasting and an Intro to “Healthrepreneur Series”

This 11th Episode is a solo Episode where I, your host, Funke Oladele celebrate 3months since launching BAM Podcast and introduce the Upcoming “Healthrepreneur” Series. These are the highlights discussed in this Episode; The process leading up to launching BAM Podcast How I launched BAM Podcast in the heat of COVID-19 and lockdown The tools…

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