2: How Henry Keculah went from being a Teacher to Starting an Education Consulting Company with $500 and by Winning Pitch Competitions ranging from $1K- $30K.

This is the 2nd Episode and first interview on The BAM podcast and the guest featured is Henry Keculah, Founder and CEO of 4.0.GPA, an Education Consulting Company  Henry went from being a High School teacher to owning his own company that focuses on investing in students toprepare them for college, starting from the 6th…

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Nigerian-American teenager accepted into 8 Ivy-League schools.

Ekeh told CNN money “I am leaning toward Yale.” 17-year old Harold Ekeh’s extraordinary accomplishment has been a news buzz recently following his interview with CNN money.  He was accepted into all of the 13 schools he applied to, including  MIT and Johns Hopkins. Ekeh is originally from Nigeria and migrated to the United States at…

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